Will Skelton

One of my passions is traveling, and pretty much whatever the means or place. I like most of the non-mechanized types of travel, and especially in natural and wilderness type areas, including jogging, hiking, backpacking, canoeing and bicycling. And likewise love trips by car, bus, boat, train and airplane to both cities and rural areas anywhere in the world. These albums reflect many of the trips I've taken since the early 2000's throughout the world, plus a few albums of friend and family events.They're arranged by each year into the following folders: Southeastern United States, United States & World, and Skelton Family Photos. Within the folders for each year are individual trip sub-albums (called "Galleries" by SmugMug) that can be opened by left clicking on such. I've also recently added ALL my photos from the 1960's to early 2000's, but such are not labeled or in good order yet; they are arranged by year and album like more recent photos (Photograph above: Near confluence of Ernie Creek and North Fork of the Koyukuk River in Gates of the Arctic National Park, Brooks Range of northern Alaska, August 2015)

Notes: After left clicking to open any of the annual folders shown below, and then left clicking on any specific trip gallery, you can view the photos/movies in the chosen gallery in several ways but this is probably the PREFERRED METHOD: Left click the solid white arrow at top right of the gallery to start an automatically advancing slide show; however, you will probably want to manually advance the photos at whatever speed, fast or slow, you want, and to do that just right click with your cursor or keyboard arrows the white arrows at the right (to go to next photo) or left (to back up one photo). NOTE, HOWEVER, that under this method movies do not show, and to view the movie(s), which I’ve sometimes placed last in the gallery, go back to the original gallery view, and left click on each of the movie(s) and then left click the solid arrow in the middle of the photo. All my former Google Picasa internet photos and future photos are now at this SmugMug site: https://theskeltonview.smugmug.com. Note however that PHOTOGRAPHS IN ALBUMS PRIOR TO 2016 (when I switched to SmugMug) ARE NOT COMPLETELY IN ORDER AND NEED SOME WORK.